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Bintang Meteor Garden Meninggal Karena Kanker Aktris Vivi Xu dikenal berkat perannya sebagai saudara perempuan Dao Ming Si.

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Bintang Meteor Garden Meninggal Karena Kanker
Aktris Vivi Xu dikenal berkat perannya sebagai saudara perempuan Dao Ming Si.
Kamis, 8 Desember 2011, 17:26 WIB

VIVAnews – Aktris Vivi Xu, yang memerankan saudara perempuan Dao Ming Si (diperankan aktor Jerry Yan) di serial ‘Meteor Garden’ meninggal dunia pada 6 Desember 2011 waktu setempat. Dikutip dari laman Xin.Msn, Vivi meninggal dunia di usia 41 tahun.

Pada 2008 lalu, Vivi didiagnosa mengidap kanker perut stadium tiga. Aktris ini pun menjalani operasi untuk mengangkat kanker tersebut. Meski masih menderita efek dari kanker setelah prosedur tersebut, Vivi menjalani kehidupan normal. Ia bahkan menjadi duta kesadaran kanker dan berpartisipasi dalam beberapa acara amal.

Namun, kondisi kesehatan Vivi memburuk pada 1 Desember 2011 dan sel kanker telah menyebar ke sebagian besar organ-organ tubuhnya. Sementara itu sang suami, Tang Wei Shi tetap setia mendampingi Vivi sampai ajal menjemput istrinya tersebut.

Pasangan Vivi dan Tang Wei Shi menikah pada 2009 lalu. Keduanya sempat berencana memiliki dua anak. Namun, impian tersebut tak bisa terpenuhi lantaran kesehatan Vivi memburuk pada tahun lalu. (adi)
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

News about SF

Today News soal SF :
Masih ada terungkap sedikit soal masalah ribut2 soal GBA (Mnurut translator google)
Ga ada yg ptg cuma ZZ seneng punya bnyk temen

Directed by the talented woman director Yin Lichuan, Vic, Vivian Hsu, Alan Tam and other workplace comedy starring "cohabitation with fashion" will be released mid to late 10. Recently released a set of film stills side, the Vic in the film revolutionized his "melancholy prince" image, into a poison tongue of abjection elite male Zhou Xiaohui. According to Vic said that he has never been very good at the role of this poison tongue, so the curse of the drama in the film, he was very "sinister" to heart inside the Vivian Hsu, Alan Tam, chopsticks brothers scolded for a long time, "because they were are good, when the curse is not afraid to come out. "

Vic roaring crowd scolded ten days to steal it "sinister."

In the "cohabitation and fashion", the Vic Zhou Xiaohui has been played by the elite itself, three-year climb from the assistant editor position, the outer rings to buy a house in Beijing, he is exposed because the edge too tragically "was resigned" after , convened a rural wedding photographer, has never earned a penny of money worship and other group of wealthy people who never enjoyed success, formed a new team seemingly mob, intent to make a comeback. Colleagues in the face of scrap wood, Zhou Xiaohui self-proclaimed superior, often guilty of "elite" disease, he has even a variety of harsh words are difficult to vent their frustrations, unable to bear became a "roaring man", the a whole team to the ultimate freak, not only his best to curse word poison tongue, but also a special "refers to the eyebrows" curse law, even one played by Vivian Hsu was accused after all "complaints", "how can you be so mean just mean between the eyebrows, means to be so uncomfortable? "

"I'm very sorry we did a thing," Vic said, roaring scene in the film before, starring a day to see a few, he greeted the side, the outer side of the fugue, in the heart of the lines according to the script silently curse them , brewing their own emotions, and Wang Taili greeting each time my heart was thinking, "You will take wedding photos Eupolyphaga", "because they were very good, I'm afraid I do not curse them that time." and "poison tongue roaring man's "movie shoot out, Vic also by surprise," So do your homework or very effect. "

Most happy to have new friends want to learn Zhou Xiaohui

Golden Bell Award two years ago broke Vic Chao falling out with the news, the recently revised two Jie Kai mutual friend on the show for the first time confirmed: they did because the "winner" events leading to deterioration of friendship, and so far not recovery year brotherhood. Vic did not have to do a deeper explanation, but he said he was in reality like "Dodgeball", which is to choose to avoid the personal. The most fun is when filming know a lot of new friends, and through the "Zhou Xiaohui," he got a lot of this role, because Zhou Xiaohui talented, but the first time Duirenduishi mercy, when he and his friends after the break the most pro- , under reflection around he began to learn to trust everyone, learn to communication and cooperation, the release of the greatest good of the people around them. Vic jokes that he ought to learn Zhou Xiaohui, "With or without success, this shift of Zhou Xiaohui, are very sweet to all harvest."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vic Chou : Breaking out of the “rich young heir” box, self-honing acting skills

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Saturday, September 17, 2011
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Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

In recent years, Vic Chou threw himself into movies, not only trying out a variety of different characters, but also taking up roles which are the extreme opposite of his personality, with works in music and idol drama almost disappearing. The main reason is the hope to fill up the gap of debuting too early and being consciously aware of the issue of hollowness in acting.

When Zaizai achieved overnight success with just one drama "Meteor Garden", he has just graduated from high school and was about to go to college. His life experience was inadequate and he has not received any professional training in acting. He was also not psychologically prepared to be chased by the media and surrounded by fans, making it is difficult for him to adapt to the way of life in the entertainment circle.

He has told friends that during that time, his reputation and popularity was much higher than his acting skills, and there was a great psychological gap. He felt very empty, very unrealistic, so he was not happy for a long time.

So now, he would rather give up all kinds of opportunity to produce albums and idol dramas, politely turning down numerous drama offers to play a rich man’s son or second-generation heir, and breaking out from the established and common framework and overturn fans image (of himself) through unique roles and storyline, working with different directors, actors and crew to hone his skills.

Using the four upcoming works which he stars in as examples, some to be released and others still filming, each role is very different from his real life and personality.

In "Live With Fashion” (English title : Sleepless Fashion) he is a “poison tongue” media person who curses and hurts others without guilt; in "Home" it is in the context of helplessness and parting of life and death, where he has to cry bitterly with nose running as he crawls among corpses; in "Match Made in Heaven" he plays a single father. He has never brought up a child and is a homebody (otaku) but now needs to become king of children. And finally in "Saving General Yang" which is a totally new challenge for him who has he never acted in an ancient costume film. With his “modern/ trendy” face, he will be putting on a helmet and ancient armor suit, which will be a refreshing change for all to see.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Vic stab microblogging

Credit thanks : lovely_blue and mon_susivc @ FI

DragonSoft (Reporter Lung prospective intern Mo Dongmei) entertainment circle is really difficult to brotherhood! Recently confirmed artists in variety shows, with "Black and White" was an instant sensation of Chao and Vic did not and. Reporters also found on the Internet today, Chao father actually personally into battle, use microblogging publicly humiliate the other side "really poor" or even curse each other, "this will end, when you go to the gravedigger," is undoubtedly more to sit real rumors, but also to Vic's fans angry.

Chao father also insiders

Morning, friends, "much much volume volume _" In the End of the World Forum broke the news that her father Zhaoshu Hai Chao openly cursing through the microblogging Vic, very bad words. Then the users will upload screenshots, and said Zhaoshu Hai delete a microblogging useless, "the truth" has been retained.

Reporters saw with their own micro-Sina Bo, Zhaoshu Hai were leaving, "This is his showbiz, closest to the Admiralty the moment - it is really very poor," "for its new drama press speculation ah," " So far, not an apologetic voice, "" A boat will be the end of this year, when you go gravedigger it! "clearly point to the words of its critics a male artist.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

ZZ bought a house

ZZ bought a house he spent $14.4 million (according to the news!) to buy 800 flat agricultural land, built a 3-storey mansion, then spent 10 million to the renovation, in addition to seal the garage, garden, more specifically the wall height, firstly, to maintain the privacy of the house, and secondly to prevent flooding. However, because the wall high enough from the outside looking in like prison, so that neighbors often make fun of luxury Zhou, "Wu Yuan prison!" Zai Zai's Ilan luxury, because the walls and avoid flooding, but some farmland outside the house could not escape a Baptist, next week my father planted papaya laid by heavy rain, straight up and did not calculate the loss of agricultural materials...

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Vic Chou and Ady An did not attend Barbie Hsu’s wedding

Barbie and husband’s ex-flames send well wishes despite non-attendance

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When Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu married Wang Xiaofei on Mar 22, their ex-flames were missing from the wedding ceremony.

A few days ago, Ady An, who was believed to have dated Xiaofei and was seen as the newlyweds' matchmaker, updated her microblog with the entry, "You're such hypocrites". Many believe her message was targeted at Xiaofei, implying that he was being ungrateful.

On the day of the wedding, Ady claimed that she would be heading to Beijing for a promotional event. The actress added that she had already sent a gift to the couple, although she could not be there personally.

At night, Ady took to her microblog again; this time, sending her blessings to the couple. She posted a photo of herself holding a bouquet of flowers and captioned: "You [Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei] be blissful first, I'll work first. Thank you for understanding!"

Barbie's ex-boyfriend Vic Chou had resumed work on Mar 22, after being down with stomach flu previously.

"I've not heard him [Vic Chou] mention the wedding. I don't know how he's feeling," Vic's manager said.

Another ex-boyfriend, actor Blue Lan, who is currently filming spoke through his manager, "Wedding is a joyous occasion. I wish her happiness."

Xiaofei's ex-girlfriend, actress Zhang Yuqi also sent her blessings to the lovebirds.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some news of Jin Da Ban broadcast in Japan.

It is appearing in a 24-hour channel called 銀河 (Yin He or Galaxy) and will start to air in March 2011

channel銀河 充實的歷史劇 心溫和起來的電視劇 譲人感動的記錄片...。
以播放NHK的名作為中心、國内、外的節目 24鐘頭播放的channel銀河


1940年代的上海為舞台描 寫美貌的舞女 金兆麗的不幸的人生

三月的channel銀河将会 、播放第一次在日本播放的「金大班」。事故的時代背景是1940年代的上海。描述風靡一世的舞女的悪劇性的不幸的一生。
主角是中國受歓迎的女明星范冰冰。她愛上了不被容許的戀愛對象 飾演名門子弟
盛月如 、台湾的受歓迎的団体 F4成員 周渝民、美男 美女編織出來的電視劇、在中國全土大受歓迎。

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channel Galaxy mild heart full of historical drama television series Undertaking who moved up the documentary. ...
NHK's name to play as a center of domestic and foreign programs broadcast channel 24-hour Galaxy
』『 Know the benefits of genuine adult generation = generation of integrated Entertainment Licensing Galaxy TV

China's production, the beautiful love story between men and women to start

1940s Shanghai as a stage dancer Jin Zhaoli describing the tragic beauty of life

Channel Galaxy will be in March, the first player to play in Japan, "Kim Tai Pan." The background of the accident is Shanghai in the 1940s. I, the dancer described 悪 popular drama of unfortunate life.
The protagonist is female stars by Huan Ying Fan Bingbing. She fell in love with the love object will not be allowed to play the children of the door
Sheng Yue Ru, by Huan Ying of Taiwan's F4 member Vic Chou Tuan body, handsome woven out of the TV beauty, all lands in China, greatly Huan Ying.
Health secrets of the world, was the second world war era 戦 background Fannong resonance waves is the subject of the expansion
. Gouxue more people the more fascinated Undertaking, which is probably the world's common part of it.
The heat will not lose the first Korean to play in Japan, China wander 続 drama. Please be sure to take this opportunity to enjoy good

Credit to Sytwo @ AF